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Container storage area


Import & Export

We import high quality food and drinks. These include, for example, coffee beans. When it comes to exports, we specialize primarily in meat and sausage products, oils and wine.



We trade in selected international food and beverages. One of our main focuses is representing an award-winning German winery.

We prefer to supply hotels and restaurants.

Wine business
Restaurant interior design



In Peguera we run the RESTAURANT BULEVAR and are actively establishing a bistro chain under the Black Sheep label.



We are successful in catering and combine events with good food and drink.

Filled buffet


Spreewald Mallorca

As an importer, we successfully market products from the Spreewald region on Mallorca, especially cucumbers, red cabbage, beetroot, sauerkraut, horseradish and linseed oil.

Spreewald Mallorca
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